Laser cutting and excavation

We work with Co2 laser cutting and digging in close cooperation with our customers. Continuously we develop new products and help our customers get along with their products.

Customers and focus areas:

  • Designers who must have produced smaller series of their product or want sparring and help in the development process.
  • Companies that have a specific task, for example. engraving the logo on their products or signs and displays
  • Private orders of eg. gifts via our web shop
  • Production of own designs and products
  • Production to dealers
  • Company division:
  • We have divided our business so they include the following:

Is the main company making products to order, both for companies and private. Here you can contact us about your project or order items directly with your texts.

  • Webshop and brand for our own designs and products. Primarily to dealers.
  • Webshop with Christmas balls and Christmas related products
  • was the first to be called, but it will be phased out and The Little Factory will be used in the future

Our history:

After many years in the IT industry, I returned to my original education as a production engineer in 2014 and started the company with the emphasis on laser cutting. I would work with physical products, have closer contact with customers and even be in charge of production and stand in for quality.

Not least, I have fully satisfied my creative skills and my urge to create something new. Just as I keep the old sense of good service honored.

In Christmas 2015 we had a living in Tivoli in Copenhagen where we engraved Christmas balls directly to customers with names and pictures.

In January 2016 we started shop on Søborg Hovedgade 94, but after six months, we had grown out of the store and searched for larger premises.

In January 2017 we have moved to Gladsaxe Møllevej 21 in 300 m ^ 2 large premises, where we have the possibility of more warehouses and more machines.

Christmas season 2017 was really great for us. We had our Christmas balls in the Arnold Bucks chain and approx. 15 Cup & Kande stores. In addition, there were some small and medium-sized independent businesses.

In January 2018 we attend a fair in Sweden (Formes), Frankfurt (Christmas World) and Herning (Formland).